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DC sexual solicitation lawyer from The Law Offices of David Stein will provide the experience and attention you will need. With extensive experience handling all areas of criminal defense, this is no exception We hold the highest interests for our clients and are here to provide some relief for criminal charges.

DC Prostitution Free Zones are defined as restricted zones with periods of time in areas with high numbers of prostitution-related offenses. In the designated zones, it is unlawful for “a group of two or more persons to congregate on public space within that area for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or prostitution-related offenses.” A police officer will issue a warning to anyone in violation of the law explaining that they are in a Prostitution Free Zone and directing them to disperse. Ignoring or disobeying the officer’s instruction could lead to arrest, even without a second warning. Offenders convicted under the law are subject to a fine of up to $300, imprisonment for up to 180 days, or both.

It is important to fight the solicitation charge vigorously not only because of the criminal penalties but also for social and professional reasons as both the arrest and conviction would most likely remain on individuals records indefinitely. Defending the solicitation charges are also particularly difficult as the complaining witnesses are generally the decoy undercover police officer. Thus such cases necessitate particular knowledge of the underlying statutory schemes as well as the particular way there are enforce by the MPD. Our experienced DC Solicitation Lawyers/DC prostitution lawyers are well adverse with the intricacy of the related law and the implementation through the undercover operations. Often times, the line between violating the law and being entrapped are crossed and if the entrapment defense properly asserted, the case may be dismissed or a not guilty verdict rendered. Your initial consultation with our criminal law DC defense lawyers expert in DC solicitation or DC prostitution cases is at no charge.

For help in legal matters in need of a DC prostitution lawyer, don't hesitate to contact The Law Offices of David Stein.

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