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Life insurance policies are meant to provide financial stability to family members after a loss. Unfortunately, insurance companies often find ways to refuse payment, deny benefits, or just pay a fraction of the benefits due under the policy. Insurance companies usually comb through paperwork to identify policy language that can be used to exploit technicalities to their benefit rather than yours. At times, a seemingly proper denial is actually improper under state of federal ERISA law.

Insurance companies are less likely to engage in underhanded tactics to deny claims with an experienced litigation attorney present. An experienced insurance litigation attorney can help hasten your recovery by making sure your claim is complete, accurate, and timely. They will ensure you meet the strict timelines during the appeals process and help you challenge any improper determinations. If the insurance company still denies your claim, your lawyer can file a lawsuit to force the insurance company to pay you your life insurance policy benefits along with a slew of other charges such as insurance bad faith damages, punitive damages, emotional distress damages, and even attorneys' fees and interest.

Founding partner, Robert McKennon has litigated hundreds of insurance bad faith and ERISA cases in state and federal courts. He is a recognized expert in the field of insurance bad faith and ERISA litigation and contributes frequently to insurance law panels and conferences. At the McKennon Law Group, our attorneys have a combined experienced of over four decades of resolving insurance matters. Our attorneys have defened insurance companies with respect to the claims mentioned above. We have represented clients in disputes against top insurance companies including but not limited to Metlife, Hartford Life, Northwesten Mutual, MassMutual, and many others.

Our"">Los Angeles Life Insurance lawyers will help you analyze your claim and determine your way to recovery. If you have a matter regarding life insurance policy or claim and are interested in obtaining legal representation, please call (949) 387-9595 for a free consultation.

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