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China Trademark & Patent Law Office

Legal Insight     updated  2012/08/07 10:17

China Trademark & Patent Law Office (CTPLO) is a high qualified and professional intellectual property service firm. They have been providing services such as worldwide trademarks, industrial designs, patent and copyright registration since 2004. With its headquarters located in China, it has served several Chinese clients but has also assisted with clients overseas in other Asian territories. CTPLO has helped with the intellectual property rights around the world including foreign law firms to ensure the security and protection on behalf of their clients in China.

China Trademark & Patent Law Office can provide for you the intellectual property solutions you need. Based on Chinese Classification, our company will categorize your trademark into certain classes according to your goods and services. We can fully protect your interests in China by providing you with a trademark status report.

  • Application process in patent filings in all fields including: mechanical, metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, light industrial, agricultural, electric, aeronautic and space engineering, oceanological and geological and other fields;
  • Reviewing over patents, and request for revocation and abandonment of patent rights and other issues;
  • Client appeals to the People’s Court; clients who are not satisfied with the decisions of patent review, revocation and abandonment concerning the patent right.
  • Provide services involving consultation, investigation, obtaining evidences, request for administrative mediation, institution of legal proceedings in court for the interested party

  • Application process for trademark filings, requests for trademark reviews, adjudication of trademark opposition and the process of cancellation for improperly registered trademarks;
  • Services for licensing and assignments of trademarks;
  • Services for consultation, investigation, and obtaining evidence for trademark disputes;
  • Infringement monitoring services for clients through networks established in the main cities of PRC

  • Legal services including copyright protection and registration of computer software;
  • Other legal services on technical trade, investment, evaluation of intangible assets with respect to consultation, drafting of contract and negotiation;
  • Translation of technical documents and other legal documents

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